Cooking with Essential Oils

Whether you're vegan, paleo, pescatarian, vegetarian, gluten-free, or incredibly carnivorous, doTERRA essential oils are a great addition to your culinary endeavours. The recipes are all Raw, Dairy and Gluten Free.

During the workshop we will cover the following

Essential Oils in Food and Safety

Why add essential oils to food?

5 raw, Gluten and Dairy free recipes
eBook with all recipes

You will get to taste test all recipes made and I guarantee you will leave feeling inspired and ready to go home and make the recipes for your family and friends. You will be armed with your eBook and also gain access to some tool that will assist you on your journey to natural health and wellbeing.

This workshop is suitable to all cooking capabilities.

Use only Certified Therapeutic Pure Grade essential oils such as doTERRA for internal use. Not all essential oils are suitable for internal use as they contain fillers.

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