Host a workshop!

There are many benefits to hosting your own workshop and some are listed below

* You will be sent a pack in advance of your workshop with everything you need to host a successful workshop! This contains invitations for you to send out, samples of the essential oils to try out before the workshop, a recipe booklet to make some delicious treats for your guests and some information on what to expect when you host a workshop.

* You will receive 20% commissions on any orders placed at your workshop. To receive this you do need to have a Wholesale Account setup prior to the orders going through and have an order of 100 points or more setup ready to process. There is no obligation to have an account or an order setup but without this you are unable to receive the commissions. NOTE you can use your commissions to pay for your order and this is how lots of hosts get their oils for FREE!

* Education, this is the main reason people choose to host a workshop. The knowledge learnt and gained in a workshop is so informative and creates a foundation for people to really get to grips with the uses of the oils. No matter how many workshops you have attended you will always learn something new as each oil has hundreds of uses. Lots of hosts are so keen after attending a workshop they are so inspired they want all their friends to learn the amazing healing benefits of these oils.

What is involved?

One of the first questions a host asks is what is involved when hosting a workshop, here is some guidance

*Provide a space for the workshop

*Send out invitations to your friends and families at least 2 weeks prior to the workshop

*The ideal workshop size is 4-9 people as this provides a space that will allow everyones needs and questions to be addressed.

*Optional is to have some snacks and treats that incorporate the oils and there are some in the recipe booklet sent in your pack

*Introduce me at the beginning of the class and also share any experiences you have had throughout the workshop

What financial outlay is required?

When workshops have the guests making products to take home there is a charge to cover the cost of the ingredients. There is no cost for education around the oils. These are the costs for the following workshops

Introduction to Essential Oils - FREE 2 hr workshop

Essential Oils and Emotions - $5 for a roller bottle 3 hour workshop

Essential Oils and Learning Difficulties - FREE 2 hr Workshop

Cooking with Essential Oils - $15 per person 2hr Workshop with taste testing and ebook

Detox Your Home - $15 per person 2 hr workshop take home a cleaning spray and a bicarb paste and ebook

How to host a successful workshop?

Make sure to follow up with your invitees 48hrs before the workshop to ensure they are coming

Make some delicious treats using essential oils

Remind guests to be 10 minutes early as I start on time to respect everyones time

I ask that no alcohol is served during the workshop and served at the end this is to ensure everyone is paying full attention and that everyone is able to make clear decisions around what they would like to order

I realise that situations can change so if you are unable to keep your workshop time and date please advise as soon as possible so that the slot can be utilised with another group