Introduction to Essential Oils Workshop

This workshop is suitable for all, it is the best way to start your essential oils journey as it goes through all the information you require to get started!

In this workshop we will cover

* What are essential oils

* Why doTERRA

* The 3 ways to use the oils

* Essential Oil Safety

* Boost your immune system, gut health and respiratory system

* Support Emotional Health

* Oils to use to aid restful sleep

* How to replace toxic cleaning products

* How to replace toxic personal hygiene products

* Reduce stress and restore calm in your home

* How to make delicious food and treats using essential oils

* Support the body during times of sickness

* Support aching muscles and joints

Come and experience the oils for yourself and learn what you need to know to get your Essential Oil Journey off to a flying start.

I will also share where to get all the accessories such as books and empty roller bottles at the best possible prices.

As you leave this workshop you will go home armed with enough knowledge to go and start to replace toxic products in the home and how to support your's and your families health and wellbeing in times of stress.

Here is where you can find out the latest workshops taking place, I look forward to connecting with you and helping you and your family get started on your journey to natural health.

My home is clear of all toxins and has been for over 6 yrs it is truly the best thing I ever did for my families health and I will explain why at the workshop.

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