How to choose a doTERRA Essential Oil Enrolment Kit (UK)

I am beyond excited that you are here, because it is more than likely that you are as passionate about good quality essential oils as I am.

I know how hard it was for me to decide which enrolment kit to buy when I got started, so I wanted to take some of the pressure off and be here to help you choose the right doTERRA enrolment kit specifically for you. A major deciding factor in most people’s choice is whether this first initial purchase is going to help you to start off your doTERRA business or it’s simply to empower you to incorporate essential oils into your home. 

First Step

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Recommended Kits available for all Aspiring UK doTERRA Entrepreneurs



The Business Leader's kit is the ONE you want if you are DEAD SET ABOUT BUILDING YOUR doTERRA ESSENTIAL OIL BUSINESS and creating financial freedom. This is the super star of kits containing EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT AVAILABLE! Not only do you get all the Oils, you also get every other oil infused product in the line including the hair and facial line of products, the Spa product line, the Wellness and Weight Management products AND the laundry and cleanse products.  This is the perfect investment for your business and it ensures that  you will not be caught without any of the  products for your Essential Oil business! 
Savings: You will receive approx ₤1,000 of FREE BENEFITS.  You also get a bonus of 400 points in product credit (that equals a $400 value), and you will earn 25% off all of your future purchases in product points. All of that adds up to approx 50% off of retail prices, making this the best deal out there! 

Investment: ₤2242


This is the company’s MOST POPULAR UK KIT. In this amazing pack YOU GET EVERY OIL in doTERRA’s trusted product line, both Single Oils and Blends. This is a powerhouse pack that also comes with a fantastic carry bag and diffuser. 

Savings: You get ₤540 of FREE BENEFITS with the Every Oil doTERRA enrolment kit. You will also get 200 points in product credit (which equals approx. ₤200 value). You also earn 20% off all future purchases in product points. The savings you get from this kit equals approx 45% off of retail prices.
Your Investment: ₤1697

Enrolment Kits for the Health Conscious Home




If you love essential oils and are want to LIVE A LOW TOX LIFESTYLE then this is the kit for you! In this amazing pack you get EVERY OIL in doTERRA’s trusted product line, both Single Oils and Blends. This is a powerhouse pack that also comes with a fantastic carry bag and diffuser. It is very easy to see why this is the doTERRA’s MOST POPULAR KIT

Savings: You save ₤540 plus you get ₤200 of FREE Benefits with the Essential Collection kit. You also earn 20% off all future purchases in product points when on the Loyalty Reward Programme. The savings you get from this kit equates to approximately 45% off of retail prices. 

Your Investment: ₤1,697



This is a fantastic kit for the conscious family with a GREAT RANGE OF PRODUCTS. It includes the 10 most popular Single oils plus our most popular blends. You also receive an amazing diffuser for your oils, a 30 day supply of the Lifelong Vitality Supplements and the impressive range of On Guard products to help keep your home clean from dirt, grime, toxins and nasty chemicals! This is the right pack for you if you are committed to LIVING A LOW TOX LIFESTYLE and are looking to REMOVE ALL HARMFUL CHEMICALS AND TOXINS from your home. 

Savings: You SAVE ₤110 PLUS YOU GET 100 POINTS  in product credit (that is approx. $100 value). You will also earn 15% off all future purchases in product points.  This kit gives you approximately 40% off our retail price. 

Your Investment: ₤561



This is a great BASIC HOME STARTER KIT containing 10 of our most popular Single Oils and Blends. You also get our PETAL DIFFUSER to help send the aroma of your beautiful new oils throughout your home. 

Your Investment: ₤239

 Saving: You SAVE ₤70 when you purchase this popular starter kit 



This is the kit of all kit's! If you are serious about your GUT HEALTH power kit is filled with doTERRA’s supplement essentials to promote lifelong health. You get doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®, Zendocrine® Softgels, Zendocrine Complex, DigestZen TerraZyme®, GX Assist®, PB Assist®+, DDR Prime®Softgels and Lemon essential oil and is great for cleansing your system and restoring health and wellbeing.

Your Investment: ₤246 

Saving: You SAVE ₤40 when you purchase this impressive Cleanse and Restore kit. 

Hopefully, by now you know what enrolment kit you want. To get started with a Wholesale Account and to start saving 25-55% off retail prices, click here.  


Click here to be directed to the doTERRA distributor enrolment page! 

Next choose your ‘Language’ and ‘Country’ 

Choose “Wellness Advocate” and click ‘Continue’ 

Fill in your details 

Enroller ID and Sponsor ID is: 1202789

Choose your enrolment kit (don’t forget if you choose one of the recommend kits the $35 membership fee is waived)
All packages includes your own personalised free website, back office and no monthly fee 

Click ‘Continue’ Pay for your order

In a few minutes you will receive an email from doTERRA head office with access to your doTERRA Wellness Advocate Wholesale Membership. Within 24 hours you will also receive a welcome email from me! 

If you want help with the enrolment process, or feel like you still need more information feel free to contact me. I am more than happy to jump on a Zoom call with you and help you out! Making the decision to invest in yourself with doTERRA, will be THE best decision you will ever make, so make your choice today!