Kinesiology Coaching


Take your creativity to the next level. Make decisions and goals with ease.

Manifest what you truly desire
This is a 5 session program designed to identify areas of your life that require focus and then developing outcomes to enhance and grow your life in a positive direction. It allows for personal development on all levels of self; personal, professional, mental, emotional, social, health and spiritual.

It is more than just talking!

Specific kinesiology tools are utilised throughout the sessions to increase brain plasticity, motivation levels and your ability to manifest what you truly desire. We work through old beliefs systems, emotions and energy that are creating stagnation in your body and life.

These tools are combined with coaching techniques and personal reflection to enable growth and development in any area of your life.
If you feel like your head is a swimming pool full of ideas and you are not sure which to follow, this program is for you.
If you feel stuck and unsure of who you are and where you are going, this program is for you.
If you know what you want, but can't quite create it, this program is for you.
If you are a huge success, but want to go deeper, higher, bigger... this program is for you.
Some questions we might cover include;
  • If you were guaranteed success, what would you dare to dream?
  • What’s your biggest scariest dream?
  • What are your gifts in this world?
The program will provide you with clarity, purpose and motivation. There will be no other option than to create positive change in your life. Based on a model of self responsibility and personal reflection, you will understand yourself on a deeper level, allowing the skills and breakthroughs to continue long after the 'program' is 'complete'. 
5 Sessions of 1.5hr duration: $ 1250 paid in full at first session
Sessions are usually weekly but no more than fortnightly

Cost includes full journal of outcomes and assessments, home support via Skype, phone and/or email between sessions as required. Follow up meeting a month or so after the last session to chat and discuss next steps.

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